The Maze

A poetry

2 min readApr 19, 2022


Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Why does happiness feel so fleeting ?

Why do we have to pursue it?

Can’t we just embrace our own

Depression and anxiety

And coexist with them?

I’m so broken inside

So lost in my own mind and

The cultural maze it is built upon

Do I want to settle down?

Do I want the long term relationship?

Or does society imposes this idea

In my mind

As a perfect inception?

The simpler idea there is

And then I cry

Cause I’m so far away

From this socially acceptable expectations

My life’s milestones can’t barely count themselves

Without the ideal settle to keep track of them

And then I’m lost in the maze again

So sudden

So soon

Too late

Love ain’t fair

So there you are

Cause we fall in love with our friends

And then they fall for the expectation

The expected predictive move

Like a knight in a chess board

And then we settle

And fall for the expectation

For the fear of being alone

As they venture to their new chapter

But in the end

Nobody’s really happy about it

Who’s around have had the chance

To fall for it

Alongside their best friends

Into the same pitfall?

In the end

It’s been a long long time

Since I recognized anyones faces

Is it the mask or is it my own bleakness?

I do love you

And I would say it

But saying it out loud

Is just too hard

So I will say nothing at all

Just too much of the danger

The danger of falling into the wrong pitfall

That one right in the middle of the maze

The maze built inside my mind




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