Revival’s In The Air

Bethel Music Live Performance

It’s that time of the year again. Bethel Music just released their brand new album. It seems like forever since Victory was out. So much has changed in the atmosphere of worship in the world. For instance, in between time, Hillsong, the other greatest mainstream global worship band has released their first studio album ever (it’s the 25th), and even the live versions of some songs sound different than past years. But that’s not something new. It’s just something arriving.

While the whole world walks through pandemic, the songs offered through these new projects couldn’t be further away of a sorrowful peaceful mood. Don’t get me wrong. All the mainstream Christian artist has already offered their part for the healing of the many souls those loosing their loved ones for Covid. But those are different kind of projects.

Live Worship albums available in 2020 has a prior different effect. Powerful declarations straight from the scripture are being shouted in full lungs and faith filled environment of the worship we knew and loved before lockdown: the corporate worship. It’s gonna be a long time before we can go back to our mega rooms packed full with thousands of hands and unmasked people singing together. So these albums are actually the register of the last time we did it. Elevation’s “Graves into Gardens”, Jesus Culture’s two volumes “Church” and ultimately Bethel’s new masterpiece.

Now, there’s been a few years since Reuben Morgan stated that a new wave of joyful praise was coming back to the life of the global church through the music we do. This seems to be the perfect timing for it. Coming from the mood set by Hillsong’s “Awake” — whose live versions was released a month ago — the simultaneously recorded “Revival’s in the Air” doesn’t really bring new revelations over the core of it’s message, instead it sounds more like a reminder of the God we used to love and serve — full of power, joy and colors.

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The ensemble of leading artists and songwriters have done the most remarkable collection of praise-joyful-shout-like songs since I can’t even remember. It sounds like things are still getting roudy since Joel said those words in the middle of Good Grace two years ago.

Our long time favorites are back, better than ever before, including the Johnson’s, the Helser’s, the McClures’, Kristene DiMarco and Josh Baldwin. And the new avengers Dante Bowe and Brandon Lake (also incredible in the new Elevation Worship project) are absolutely amazing. And still, there’s more.

The seventeen songs project is unstoppable. It pulses all the time and it’s impossible to not sing together — and that’s a warning for those who walks around with their AirPods: you’re gonna sing aloud in the street, and you’ll love it.

Favorite moments have been all around, but let’s be honest, Melissa Helser is again amazing in the title track, Paul McClure is out of charts in “Reing above it all”, Cory Asbury — the one from “Reckless Love” — is full of life in “Egypt”, and the first single, “God of Revival” is absolute power.

If I were you, I would take two hours off and go back to the room at Redding and shout God’s name with all your strength listening to this inexplicable album. You won’t regret it.

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you wouldn’t even be here without triangles

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you wouldn’t even be here without triangles

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