My first date on Grindr

A narrated modern love story about a guy who sometimes think he’s looking for a long-lasting romance

3 min readOct 1, 2021

Photo by Alexander Sinn. Available on Unsplash.

And so it begins. It’s late night, you got nothing going on the entire day, and now you are looking for a hook up. It’s been months since going to a bar or party and meet cute somebody is literally impossible. It’s been years since people started using apps to meet strangers. Being openly gay and sexual active for such a small time as eighteen months makes it even harder. You got a boner you wanna get rid of. The closest piece of butt that answers you on chat can be the lucky guy you’ll fuck tonight.

It’s pass 1am, your uber is at your door. You get in and talk to this woman driver about what you’re up to. She says that if you don’t like what you see from the car, she’ll just turn around and take you home. You’re out of town. Here you’re just another tourist from that one place that has no beach, so everybody comes here once a year.

He’s waiting by the gate and up in his room you don’t really know any moves. You don’t wanna kiss him right there at the door, but also, you don’t wanna say much about yourself or know much about himself. Ten minutes later, a couple of lies and complaints over job issues and you kiss. The rest is history. The sex is great. Thirty minutes later you’re done to fall asleep spooning him. Two hours go by and you both wake up and do it again. The second time you fall asleep you’re in his spoon. It’s not long after that your friend text you, to know if everything is alright, you didn’t say you’d stay. It’s morning time. The alarm sounds and you’re ready to join the long lived tradition of the walk of shame. By daylight you know just how to get back to the apartment you’re in for another ten hours before you travel back home. You can’t wait to take a good-old cold shower.

You don’t wanna be thirty-five on Grindr looking for the nearest and easiest hook up, but you are twenty-seven on Grindr. You’re not likely to ever see this guy again, and you’ll probably work around to do just that. You lie in your own bed and silence the app forever, or at least until you need to send and receive some dick pics. You do the math and you have only eight years left until you are the same as those “older” guys that calls twinkies like you are right now and send some unwanted nude pics to try to exploit on daddy issues or whatever. No, you don’t want that.

So what do you do?

You must find someone out there, in real life, someone who’s as ready as you are to get out of the apps. If you could only do that, then you could write the meet cute that would save you from this destiny.

In the meantime, no one’s to say if you should or shouldn’t go out with several partners for fun and sex. If anything, you should. It’s refreshing and good for your libido and sex life, even for your self-esteem to know you’re desired by many until you find the one you’re looking for, if that’s by any chance what you’re doing.

Isn’t it what everyone is kinda looking for?




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