I can only approach God through metaphors, through symbols, through art that serves the purpose of being essential and not decorative.

Today I took the time to listen to my 95 year old grandma talking about God, and about how close she feels to Jesus. It was so simple, so deep, so profound and real. And I could only imagine and accept the fact that

I will never be that simple about my approach of God.

I might never reach the wisdom that she certainly has, but I also know that I have reached a level of knowledge that she could never think possible.

The reason why I know simple faith doesn’t work for me is that I know my mind is too complicated.

The reality is that I need to truth of God to be such a powerful overwhelming experience so it can overcome every bit of though in my mind.

I’ve been waiting for a new revelation to strike and surpass what I know, how I know it, and how important it is what I know.

I can’t approach God as a simple form. I need more and he knows it. So I’m currently waiting for him to answer me like he did Job in the end of that story.

Maybe it’s selfish. Maybe I’m wrong, but, that’s just what I need right now.




you wouldn’t even be here without triangles

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you wouldn’t even be here without triangles

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