I’m thinking of changing things

There’s been a while I’ve been postponing leaving my mother’s house. Since my parent's divorce eight years ago I’ve tried to do so many times, but, I was never able to, due to financial matters. But lately, I’ve been feeling I’m dragging it. I’m currently on a journey of rediscovery. I’ve been taking the lead part in my life’s story. Almost two years ago I decided I did not want to play it safe and keep a secure job just because the people around me thought I should. I don’t regret making that decision. It was the best thing. It opened me to new possibilities that led me to where I am now. I’m an English teacher, in Brazil of course. I’m still starting and changing about it, trying to find the right balance to work and being creative, still approaching the matter of hours, price, and how much money I need to make for myself (I’m not working for others anymore). And then it hit me. I’m always saying something like “I’m not living on my own cause I don’t have the money to do it”, but, I’ve been putting bills on paper lately and I realized the amount of cash I spend living with my mom and sister is not only unfair to me, based on how much money they spend on this, but also, enough for me to venture, maybe not on my own, but with some friend, perhaps. And that is what I’m currently thinking about doing. I’m thinking of changing things and go out to live with one of my best friends. At first, not so far away, still in the same city area. But, by my own, as much as it’s possible. It’s just that I can’t deal with it any longer. I’m only writing this down as a reminder to myself. Just do it, Otis! Just do it!



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